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Thrash Universe blog released  in 2010 a 15 tracks compilation of italian thrash bands.  They choose the title-track of the demo “U.D.E.”  for this  compilation named “Italian Thrash Universe Vol.II”! Sorry but the complilation is no more available on-line.

  • 1Wrong side of the town (Adimiron)
  • 2Re-educate (Artkillery)
  • 3Unleash the fury (Endless pain)
  • 4Forrest gunner (Endovein)
  • 5U.gly D.irty E.vil (Expired)
  • 6Burial at sea (Fomento)
  • 7J.B. (Housemaster)
  • 8War and death (Inalsenses)
  • 9Back to the violence (Kernel)
  • 10Six pieces (Lab eleven)
  • 11Minds devourer (Land of hate)
  • 12Black coil dominion (Methodic massacre)
  • 13We are all cattle (Nuclear hecatomb)
  • 14Vengeance'll come (Planar evil)
  • 15Revenge solution (Travma)
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