• Cover:Haze
    Released with Wine Blood Records, recorded at A.D.S.R. studio in Milan by Carlo Meroni and with this kick ass cover art by Denis Gualtieri. 42 minutes of insane Thrash Metal
    • 1Annihilate
    • 2Slothful Bastards
    • 3Bare Necessities
    • 4Extension of Warranty
    • 5Mr. Quiet
    • 6Internal Suffered Pain
    • 7Misanthropy
    • 8Haze
    • 9A Vital Quandary
  • Cover:Moshpit Compilation
    “Moshpit” Compilation from “Suoni Distorti Magazine”, an underground Thrash Metal Compilation with 20 songs from some of the best band of Italian (and not) underground scene. Thanks to Francesco Chiodometallico for involved us! Total support! Follow the link for download it! Moshpit Compilation
  • Cover:Vomit Arcanus Compilation Vol I
    Born from an idea of Eagle Booking Live Promotion and ADSR is a work entirely dedicated to the Italian underground. The album contains 20 live tracks of different italian bands recorded by ADSR at Barrio’s Cafè in Milano. For the Expired the track chosen is Far Cry.
    • 1The Last Days Of Apocalyspe (THE TRUE ENDLESS)
    • 2Goblin’s Song (SPELLBLAST)
    • 4Echoes Of War (IRREVERENCE)
    • 5Vision (NEFAS)
    • 6Prossima La Diserzione Articolo 92 Decimazione (SPECULUM MORTIS)
    • 7Kaly Yuga’s Tales (NASHWUAH)
    • 8Killed Equilibrium (HELLSTORM)
    • 9Lasciatemi Stare (L’ORDADUNTO)
    • 10Inhuman Torture Surgery (MECHANICAL GOD CREATION)
    • 11Ancients Rites (FUROR GALLICO)
    • 12Problem Of Humanity (ENDOVEIN)
    • 13From The Deepest hate (NECROSHINE)
    • 14One Eye Terapy (MENARKA)
    • 15The Matamorphosis (AGONY FACE)
    • 16Alchoolmania (EVIL SPELL)
    • 17Arise From My Fate (TETHRA)
    • 18Nix (AEDERA OBSCURA)
    • 19Far Cry (EXPIRED)
    • 20Tree Of Life (ALATOR)
  • Cover:Thrash Universe Blog – vol.2
    Thrash Universe blog released  in 2010 a 15 tracks compilation of italian thrash bands.  They choose the title-track of the demo “U.D.E.”  for this  compilation named “Italian Thrash Universe Vol.II”! Sorry but the complilation is no more available on-line.
    • 1Wrong side of the town (Adimiron)
    • 2Re-educate (Artkillery)
    • 3Unleash the fury (Endless pain)
    • 4Forrest gunner (Endovein)
    • 5U.gly D.irty E.vil (Expired)
    • 6Burial at sea (Fomento)
    • 7J.B. (Housemaster)
    • 8War and death (Inalsenses)
    • 9Back to the violence (Kernel)
    • 10Six pieces (Lab eleven)
    • 11Minds devourer (Land of hate)
    • 12Black coil dominion (Methodic massacre)
    • 13We are all cattle (Nuclear hecatomb)
    • 14Vengeance'll come (Planar evil)
    • 15Revenge solution (Travma)
    Our second production, an EP of 4 tracks of pure thrash in digipack package for smash your brain. Released in February 2011 has been recorded in Putrido Records Studio in Lucca beetween September and October of 2010. Ask for your copy, write us an e-mail!
    • 1Oblivious
    • 2T.e Q.uiero M.atar
    • 3(M)Ass Media
    • 4Wasure
  • Cover:Kill City vol.21
    U.s.a. “272 Records” selected the first track “Far Cry” of our demo “U.D.E.” for the compilation “Kill City Vol.21”. Released in March 2010, 18 tracks of different metal bands from various place around world.  Sold out.
    • 1Invulnerable (Deeper Level)
    • 2Deep Coma (Terminal Sick)
    • 3Back To Hell (Skull Daze)
    • 4When A Tear Falls (Black Dahlia)
    • 5The Virus (SNAKEBONE)
    • 6Burned Skin (Fuel of Hate)
    • 7Tides of Doom (Titans Eve)
    • 8Guardian of My Soul (Abyss of Fear)
    • 9Alfirin Alagos (Raven Tide)
    • 10Afraid of Living (Price Of Existence)
    • 11 Red House (SNAKEBITE)
    • 12Far Cry (Expired)
    • 13The Curser (Helix Nebula)
    • 14 Into The Vice of Sound (Inheritance)
    • 15Avaritia Superbia (Hydrazine)
    • 16Take All Your Fears (Hostile Takeover)
    • 17Guardian of My Soul (Warbird)
    • 18Caught In The Trap of Belief (Neca)
  • Cover:U.D.E.


    Our first release, a 3 tracks demo of 15 minutes, recorded at Sound Workshop studios in Monza in the June of 2009. Jewel box with 4 page booklet cd is still avialable for free. On-line purchasing have spedition costs only. Download available in our media section!

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