b-a-n-d-b-i-oThe project Expired started in the 2006. Only after a year they had complete their first line-up (Marco Pinto – rhythm guitar and lead voice, Mario Quintana – lead guitar, Lorenzo Corno – bass, Francesco La Porta – drum) by which they started to play and compose inedit songs. In the February of 2009 Gaetano Vitale took place as bass player. Stabilized once again the line up the Expired released in the June of the same year their first self-released demo “U.D.E.”. In January 2010 the drummer Francesco leave his place to Giuliano Padalino. With him in the 2010’s autumn the band started to work on a new production in Putrido Records Studio in Lucca. The EP “Certain Death” has been released some months later on the 5th of February 2011. At the end of 2012 after a lot of gigs and good times spent together Mario left the band to came back to his country. Mauro Pepe took his place and with him the Expired started another complicated and long process of songs production. After many and many vicissitudes in the 2014’s spring they began to record their first full lenght “Haze” with ADSR studio. Meanwhile the post-production of the album Gaetano Vitale left the Expired for personal issues, Giuseppe Aufiero took his place on bass guitar in December 2014.  In May 2015 the band realeased its first full lenght “Haze” through Wine Blood Records. After some concerts and the videoclip single of “Misanthropy” and a dark hour (health issues) for the singer Marco, Giuseppe sadly left the band due to work issues. Gigi Corinto, old friend and brother, took his place as bass player in October of 2016. The band started with him a new songwriting and is preparing a new Expired’s invasion!

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The Expired – “Drink Beer And Stay Thrash!!!”

giuGiuliano Padalino – Drums

maoMauro Pepe – Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals

b-bMarco Pinto – Vocals & Rhythm/Lead guitar